Architectural Services:

We offer a range of services, which allows them to be designed to meet the project needs.  The level of involvement by the architect for a project and the scope of the services, directly relates to the fees.  Due to that we are unable to give you an approximation of fees until we have discussed your project with you.  However there are some services which we can give you a board idea of the fees involved early on in the project.

Services can include:

1. Design Consultation and Verbal Advice

2. Feasibility study

3. Zoning and planning regulation review

4. Code analysis

5. Sketch Design

6. Building application

7. Design Development

8. Construction documentation

9. Interior design

10. Bidding/ Procurement

11. Contract Administration

12. Project renderings

13. Green or Sustainable Design

14. Existing building evaluation

Project Fees:

Obviously when assessing fees you want to know that you’re getting the best possible return on your investment. To ensure that you are getting the best returns you need to consider two key aspects of your new home, office or renovation design:

  • Price, initial cost vs long term durability and wear
  • Schedule

Our rates are highly competitive. In fact, you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is to have ArchCentral Architects create the perfect design for your project. But just as importantly, we give you the perfect design for your lifestyle, should it be your residence or business. Whilst it may seem on the surface to be cheaper to go with a draftsperson or directly to a contractor, the cost to the overall value and long-term planning and future use of your home or business can be enormous.  Project design should be based on the immediate need as well as future use to allow for flexibility and built in growth.  Imagine paying for a design that does not take into account how you will be using that space, the furniture that you will be adding or the way that space links to the rest of the building. If you want the perfect design outcome, that is tailored to suit your lifestyle and business needs, then your choice should be ArchCentral Architects.